Spouse Allowance – Should You Give or Not?

11th July 2018
giving spouse allowance

You hear people get married all the time and after the fairytale wedding, it’s time to get used to a new life together. One of my readers asked an interesting question for a topic to talk about: “What do you think about giving your spouse allowance?” For me, it’s simple. If my spouse is able to sustain herself, there might be no immediate need to give her more. So it’s a matter of want here.

What is a spouse allowance?

Well, put simply, you can take it as giving your spouse some pocket money or even considered a “salary”. And… That’s it really! He or she can do as they please with that money like we normally do.

Is a spouse allowance really necessary?

This is where I found this topic interesting. Personally, I believe it’s up to the individuals or couples to determine if there was such a need. (Or rather, if your spouse was asking for it or not!) But regardless, the question is: “What constitutes to ‘necessity’?”

1. Stay at home mum or dad

I would say an allowance is a pretty nice gesture if not necessary for stay at home mums and dads. Why? Well, for one, they’re taking care of the kids and home (hopefully) or they could have sacrificed careers and dreams for this life instead. In all good intentions, I reckon having a little bit of money for their personal use would be great!

2. You earn significantly more

If you earn much, much more than your spouse, you may want to share the wealth in more ways than just paying for necessities. This is more of a want than a need though and you could share without simply handing cash over (see below).

3. Pampering your spouse

This is a completely want-based situation. You want to pamper your spouse and therefore go this route. But, again, I think there are other ways and means than just giving money!

Tips for managing or giving a spouse allowance

I’m not saying you shouldn’t give your spouse an allowance, but the karit (“stingy”) side of me goes about this differently. Meaning if I don’t see the need, I could put the cash to better use to build a better future i.e. by investing. Regardless, a clear communication is the most important thing to have when dealing with money in any situation (not just between husband and wife).

1. Paying for the fun stuff

I do my best to pay for our leisurely activities like movies, meals outside and so on. At least, until my budget explodes and then it’s my wife’s turn to chip in. (Heh)

2. Make sure it’s within your budget

It goes without saying, if you’re giving your spouse $1,000 and you earn $1,500, it’s not going to sustain for long unless you’re super low maintenance. Easiest solution for this is to budget it into your monthly expenses!

3. Be clear with your spouse

There are times when you need to cough up more during the month, e.g. paying for car insurance, other premiums, repairs and maintenance work. As long as your significant other understands this, it shouldn’t lead to “why this month don’t have!?” kinds of scenarios.


It is nice to receive a little money from your significant other, but that’s not the norm usually. More often than not, we see the breadwinner simply paying for the household needs and that should be enough. That being said, if you can pamper your spouse, I’m sure they’ll be grateful for it!

I, for one, would be unlikely to receive a spouse allowance because my wife would probably strangle me for even suggesting it. She already said, “Why you!? Why don’t I get an allowance?” when I told her about this topic. To which I laughed and told her, “Because there’s no need.”

Nonetheless, some couples can find it beneficial to have such an arrangement. Just remember it doesn’t work for everyone!

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Mad Wife, Bad Life.

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