G.E. (Fox) Yapp

Certified Financial Planner, CFP
MDRT 2024


"Never Try, Never Know" - G.E.

Yapp Giem Eing (also known as G.E. or Fox) is a born and bred Bruneian. He spent 4.5 years serving the Royal Brunei Police Force as a Crime Scene Investigator before transitioning into the financial sector.

Now in 2024, he has achieved the status of MDRT Member, an international organisation for high performing financial advisors. He has 6 years experience as a Certified Financial Planner and a life insurance consultant.

G.E.’s expertise is working with Gen X and millennials to plan for their financial goals; especially managing risks, investments and retirement.

G.E. has an MSc and BSc in Forensics from the UK and was trained in policing with the Singapore Police Force. He enjoys travels for food and cultural experiences but to tickle his interests, you have to talk a little… nerdy.

G.E. founded Kitsu Models Hobby Shop, a premiere hobby shop situated in Kiulap, Brunei. This project was born from his fascination and love for miniature models and all things tiny.

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