Employee Wellness Planning

For business owners and HR professionals. This suite of services include welfare planning for your organisation to help your employees stay engaged.

What we know about Employees now

According to the State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report by Gallup

Current Challenges faced by Employers

on providing benefits and remuneration

Competitive Salary Packages

Ensuring that remuneration is competitive and fair is a significant challenge. Employers must balance financial constraints with the need to offer attractive salaries to retain top talent.

Comprehensive Benefits

Beyond basic health insurance, employees increasingly expect a range of benefits, including mental health support, flexible working options, and retirement plans. Offering a comprehensive benefits package that meets diverse needs can be complex and costly.

Recognition and Rewards

Developing an effective system for recognizing and rewarding employees' contributions is crucial. Challenges include creating a fair and motivating rewards system that aligns with company values and objectives.

How we help Employers and HR Teams

Customised solutions to improve retention and employee satisfaction

Bonus Packages for Retention

Having something to look forward to for the employee's tenure with the company is a good way to reward their loyalty. We provide cost-effective ways to set up these benefits that can cater to you specifically.

Enhanced Benefits

Help design a benefits package that is cost-saving but covers a wide range of employee needs. This could involve selecting the right mix of health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks like wellness programs.

Recognition and Rewards

We advise on the creation of financial recognition programs, like profit-sharing schemes or stock options, which align employee performance with company success, in a way that motivates employees and drives engagement.

Explore a Customised Plan for your Organisation

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