Savey Fox is (really) not dead (I hope)

6th January 2024

Happy new year 2024 readers!

Ironic isn’t it. My last post was in Nov 2022 saying “Hey, here I am!” only for me to disappear into the nether for another year 😂

I found that quite hilarious (though with sad tears in my eyes)

Well! 2024 will be different! (No, don’t look at me like that)

If you’ve still been coming to Savey, I really thank you! And if you’ve come in recent months, you would have noticed the site looks way different. So let’s take this as a rebirth!

Reintroductions, who is Fox?

Long story short, Savey Fox was an outlet for me to share financial content from an anecdotal perspective. Back then, I wasn’t certified, nor a professional in the financial industry. Add on to the fact that I was a government servant, it was in my best interest to keep it anonymous.

Well, no more! Here’s a lowdown on who I am.

Hello, it’s me

My name is G.E. Yapp and of course, I go by “Fox” irl as well (Do say hi if you see me in the wild). You may or may not have seen me around the internet commenting on IG posts or making financial content on TikTok and @ge_yapp. I am currently in Jan 2024:

  • 5 years in the financial industry with an MNC insurance company
  • Certified Financial Planner (yes, I took the exams and got the international mark)
  • A 1st year qualifier for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) – a qualification for top advisors worldwide

I used to work as a CSI for the Brunei Police Force before I thought it was enough and made a career switch in 2018. And now here I am!

What’s really next for Savey Fox?

Over the last few years of hiatus, I didn’t want Savey to just die off. Which is why I keep spending money to keep it alive!

And the most saddening thing for me was many people have told me how useful the content here was to their financial journeys! While this was a proud moment, it was bittersweet because I couldn’t keep up with the blog while I was hustling in my career transition.

So I made a call. The content here will be needing some loving in 2024. And I’ll commit back to our 1 article a week schedule! Going forward, you can expect the content to be:

  1. Better relevance to Brunei
  2. Better insights from a professional
  3. Better consistency

There’s a lot of financial topics I want to talk about to be honest. When I transitioned to visual content in the form of images and videos, there was only so much depth I could pack. With Savey, I can freely write and hopefully get back my coherency I had.

Thanks for the Support!

I really can’t thank many of you readers enough for staying with me through thick and thin. Well mostly the thin to be honest HAH. Nonetheless all the support and positive feedback I’ve gotten has been monumental in bringing us where we are today.

As a closing, if you want to book a slice of my time, check out my booking page.

Oh! And one more thing. I’m actually looking for 10 likeminded people to mentor and train up as financial planners in this year of 2024. If you or someone around you has become… uh…. disenchanted? by your current career and looking for a fulfilling and lucrative career switch, click here and let’s talk.

Cheers and let’s crush 2024 together!

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