fan of ang pao with $100 note
Ang Pao – Thoughts From Receiver to Becoming a Giver

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers who celebrate! 16th February 2018 brings forth the Year of the Dog; ushering qualities such as loyalty and intelligence. But let’s leave these talk about prosperity and love life with other zodiacs to Feng Shui masters. When I was young(er), the Lunar or Chinese…

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cheap dating ideas in the clouds
Cheap Dating Ideas for Couples in Brunei

With Valentine’s day a week from now, many couples are looking for activities to do together in Brunei. While not widely celebrated in Brunei, I believe people are generally looking for cheap dating ideas. Personally, my wife and I do not celebrate the 14th of February simply because we see it as a commercialised event.…

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little guys mining bitcoin
Mining Bitcoin in Brunei – Is it Profitable?

A while after I posted about Bitcoins in Brunei, I’ve received some questions about mining bitcoin. I’ve personally been interested in mining bitcoin before that but never actually started. One of the reasons for this is the actual startup capital needed to do it is no small value; hardware costs are in the thousands. Secondly, I…

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freedom through financial independence
Financial Independence – Building and Living a Dream

Whenever I talk about retiring, I always envisioned it hand-in-hand with financial independence. Surely the thought of not having any more income when you stop working would be cause for worry, right? That is why I don’t see myself retiring until this very important criterion of self-sustenance is satisfied. While earning an income feels draggy…

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retirement on the beach
Retirement: Are you ready for it?

Lately I’ve been thinking about life. Particularly now; it’s all about going to work and becoming financially secure but is that all there is? Sure, I have my hobbies, this blog and social life. But how sustainable is this lifestyle? As you’ve guessed from the post title, I’m talking about retirement and what comes after…

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receive and use your bonus for financial future
Effectively Use Your Bonus to Improve Financial Health

For a majority of employees, especially those employed as civil servants, there is a bonus paid out at the end of the year. This is considered a “13th month pay” in some countries because you’re basically paid an extra month’s salary. Depending on your pay grade, the amount given is usually at least your basic…

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