giving spouse allowance
Spouse Allowance – Should You Give or Not?

You hear people get married all the time and after the fairytale wedding, it’s time to get used to a new life together. One of my readers asked an interesting question for a topic to talk about: “What do you think about giving your spouse allowance?” For me, it’s simple. If my spouse is able…

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what is your risk appetite
What is your Risk Appetite?

Investing is often advised and even marketed as the best way to grow your wealth. “Make your money work for you!” so to say. Before we go around actually investing our money, we usually do a bit of research. Questions like “What should I invest in?” crop up very often. Different types of investments will have…

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working dudes with desirable qualities
10 Most Desirable Qualities in a Workplace

I got thinking after I read an article on CNBC about “signs that you’re a problem employee”. It was a good, short read and was interesting to see these qualities aren’t just localised to any country. Coming into the workforce, most of us are as clueless as lambs in a slaughterhouse waiting room. There are so…

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lending money to friend
Life Pro Tips for Lending Money to Friends

Some of us might have experienced family or friends asking to borrow some cash when they see we are “more well off”. While I have nothing against helping out, lending money could be a source of stress and tension on relationships. That’s because I have seen and heard of people having their goodwill taken advantage of;…

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invest in brunei
What Can I Invest In Brunei?

You know, recently I’ve just been talking about savings, spending, savings, spending. It’s really been a while since I talked about investments. So this time, let’s do that! In particular, what can we invest in Brunei? As you may know, investing is putting your money somewhere (I often refer to this as a “vehicle”) with…

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6 Budget-Friendly Office Decoration Ideas for Your Small Business

Hmm, so you have become an entrepreneur with a pretty, little office that you want to renovate. Let me guess you only limitation, that’s right, it’s budget! Well, it is needless to mention that every emerging entrepreneur is going to go through a point where their budget just won’t allow them to make extravagant changes…

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