happily working as a student
Working as a Student: Should You Really Do It?

Working as a student may look like a superhuman feat to some people. I know, because I was one of those thinking that. “How the heck do they even find the time?!” my young mind would wonder. But with age comes experience along with the back pains. And experience lets me advise many youngsters that…

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investing in bonds
Investing in Bonds – What You Need to Know

All this while, I’ve been talking about equities and stocks as investments. It would be unfair to people who are more conservative towards risk to keep focusing on those vehicles only. You can find out what’s your risk appetite in a recent post I did. So other than saving up in the bank, what other…

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deciding to quit your job
7 plus 3 Signs that You’re Ready to Quit Your Job

It’s an unfortunate reality of life that when we become adults, we are expected to be independent. And by independent, that means getting a job and earning your keep. An equally unfortunate fact is that not all jobs are good. It could be the culture, the people or simply the organisation itself that somehow isn’t…

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