Piggy can't save?
What to Do if You Can’t Save?

One day, I was browsing a forum about money habits and it found a lot of people saying “I can’t save!” I find it interesting that there really are 2 types of people: those of save and those who so-called “can’t”. Saving up is one of the cornerstone disciplines for our financial plans. If you…

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cost of smoking in the uk
Cost of Smoking in the UK

This is a contributed post which gives an insight into the cost of smoking in the UK. Everybody has their own personal spendings and cigarettes always seem to add quite a sum into the budget, no? Just how much does smoking cost those across Great Britain who have taken up the habit? Nicotinell, which provides…

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putting your emergency fund in BIBD Aspirasi
Power Move: Putting Your Emergency Fund in BIBD Aspirasi

Last post, I was pretty heavy handed in judging BIBD’s new initiative to get people to save. While I don’t agree with them calling this product a “Certificate of Deposit” or CD, there are some ideas that stewed in my mind. One of this came from a conversation I had with a friend of mine.…

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BIBD aspirasi good or no?
BIBD Aspirasi – Is it Right for You?

I always like it when you guys interact with me whether through my contact form, social media or simply commenting. One particular Reader sent me a link to an article by BizBrunei about this thing called BIBD Aspirasi and asked me what I thought about it. So our local bank, BIBD had an interesting little launching of…

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photo of sultan omar ali saifuddien mosque in brunei lit up in the late evening
Brunei’s Economy 2017 – Facts and Figures

      Here you will find both summarised and detailed information regarding Brunei’s economy in 2017 and its general state of being. I have also included the most recent inflation rates based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) data. For further research please check the sources at the bottom of the post. Brunei’s Economy 2017…

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can you survive on $500?
Can You Survive on $500 a month in Brunei?

A while ago, a reader asked this: “usually the salary I view from Jobs Ads are $500.. do you think a future graduate like me can survive with that $500?” Which is a very interesting question! I’m sure many students and part-timers would be fine getting $500 on the side. But what if you’re graduated…

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