Stocks in Brunei image of a trading screen with charts and prices
Stocks in Brunei – What are they and How to get them

Recent news reported that our local bank Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) is planning an Initial Public Offering. Along with the fact that they gave high dividends last year, I think it’s a good time to talk about stocks. One of the ways we can generate wealth is through buying stocks. This can be through…

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financing a car image of a blue ferrari on a race track
Financing a Car You Deserve in Brunei

I have mentioned before that one of the reasons Bruneians go into debt is because of financing a car. Living in Brunei, a car is probably an absolute necessity due to overpriced taxis and unreliable public transportation. But while a car is necessary, it also serves another purpose for many; one which even Brunei cannot…

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financial scams image of a mouse and keyboard with a "get me out of here" key
3 Types of Financial Scams You Should Know

In recent years many of us in Brunei may have heard of or even been targets of financial scams. These scams commonly referred to as “Skim Cepat Kaya” or Get-Rich-Quick schemes are becoming more prevalent. But not all scams promise you great riches; they could simply trick you! It could be spam in our email…

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haggling image of a bazaar with many lanterns hanging
5 Elements of the Art of Haggling

In my previous post about saving money while traveling, readers wanted to know more about haggling. Not only is it a good way to get a bargain, it’s quite fun and pretty simple to do. There’s no science involved; only people skills and common sense! Haggling is a chance for us as buyers to try and get a…

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insurance image of a split lying matryoshka doll beside two standing ones
Insurance – How Much Does Your Life Cost?

When someone mentions “insurance”, an image that comes to mind is this well dressed fellow who is annoyingly persistent and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. It is not a fun subject to talk about and might not be an enviable job especially when compared to a cushy, super-secure job in the Bruneian public sector. But amongst many…

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save money when traveling image of a plane taking off at night with skyscraper background
5 Ways to Save Money When Traveling

Ah travel. The sweet feeling of freedom, taste of airplane food and exploring unknown (or known) places. Bruneians love to travel (and as much as possible, save money when traveling). We love it more so than many of our neighbouring counterparts because of a few key factors: 1. Most have the means Travel doesn’t necessary…

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