housing fund scheme image of a modern kitchen with TAP logo
Housing Fund Scheme to Achieve Your Dream House

So you’ve read my post about whether you should buy or rent your home and decided, “Hey, I want my own place! YOLO!” Next comes the part where you research more into buying a house. That’s when you realise that there’s a lot of money that has to go into this aspiration. So what can you…

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bank accounts image of european central bank in frankfurt
Brunei Bank Accounts Comparison: Savings and Current

A bank account is considered a necessity for our normal financial transactions. I’ve also talked about using separate bank accounts for your savings strategy a while ago. Sure, you can keep your hard earned money under your mattress or inside a biscuit tin. But if an unfortunate event were to happen, for example, a fire…

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JAPEM image of adult index finger touching child index finger
JAPEM – Assistance for the Less Fortunate

Every time I write an article, I make two simple assumptions: First is that You, my dear reader, understand English. And secondly, you are at a point of life where you can adequately support yourself financially. The biggest flaw of this assumption is also just as simple. That is not everyone in Brunei understand English and…

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image of credit cards in the back pocket of denim jeans
Credit Cards – Tips for Effective Use

Ah, credit cards. The symbol of wealth in movies, freedom in shopping and bringer of unimaginable debt. Exaggerations aside, credit cards are excellent financial tools if used correctly. There are usually many nice benefits attached to them as banks want to attract customers to sign up. This includes being able to earn points to exchange…

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buying a house with lush green carpet grass
Buying a House in Brunei: Pleasures and Pains

So you’ve done your homework and research and decided that buying a house is for you? Congratulations! Now you get to enjoy the ride starting with looking for a place up to furnishing it and moving in. This article will talk about buying a house to occupy as your residence and not buying to invest. Although,…

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home keys with a green house keychain
Home in Brunei: Should You Buy or Rent?

It goes without saying that a home is an important part of our lives. It is the place where we can feel at ease after a long day at work or school. Coming home and relaxing in an air-conditioned or fan-chilled room after a warm shower always sound great! In Brunei, as with other places,…

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