How to Secure your Cryptocurrency Wallet in 2020

The biggest promise of the blockchain technology is security. Through its distributed ledger that makes the chain, the blockchain makes it impractical for a hacker to enter into your cryptocurrency wallet and steal your coins. While blockchain is the blueprint of internet security, the technology doesn’t offer a completely secure system for its users. Although…

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visualisation of "tarik gaji" concept
Tarik Gaji – Are you wasting your time and money?

A while ago, I heard of this thing people are doing called “tarik gaji” but the explanation sounded convoluted so I paid no mind to it. It wasn’t until recently I tried to comprehend what it was. And to my surprise, this tarik gaji thing was something that many people seem to get involved in!…

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2 bank accounts in jars?
Do You Need 2 Bank Accounts to Start Saving?

I came across someone asking this question on Reddit recently: “Is it a good idea to have 2 banks accounts from different banks. Like one for my saving and the other for my expenditures?” It sounded like a very simple question to answer but as I replied, I started asking myself the question: “Why 2…

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Keeping finances on track in 2019
Putting Your Finances on Track for 2019

Happy new year my dear readers! (Hope it’s not too late to say that, lol) Another year has gone by in a blink of an eye and time for the whole “new year, new me” shindig. Some of us have come up with resolutions for the year and that’s great! Things like “lose weight” or…

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