buying a house with lush green carpet grass
So you’ve done your homework and research and decided that buying a house is for you? Congratulations! Now you get to enjoy the ride starting with looking for a place up to furnishing it and moving in. This article will talk about buying a house to occupy as your residence […]

Buying a House in Brunei: Pleasures and Pains

home keys with a green house keychain
It goes without saying that a home is an important part of our lives. It is the place where we can feel at ease after a long day at work or school. Coming home and relaxing in an air-conditioned or fan-chilled room after a warm shower always sound great! In […]

Home in Brunei: Should You Buy or Rent?

Fake news headline with FAKE stamp on top.
Some of you might have seen a “CNN” article circulating on social media claiming that His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei is investing a significant amount in a “tech startup” called “The Bitcoin Code”. You might be wondering if the this was real or fake news. Extracted from the article […]

Fake News Alert: Sultan Investing in Bitcoin Code

man chase the money on a wheel 1
When you read articles and tips from successful people, one of their advice is usually “Don’t chase the money. Follow your passion and the money will follow!” Many times I, as a normal person without a million dollar enterprise, will scoff at these comments. “Easy for you to say, you’ve […]

Why You Should Chase the Money

contract bond image of a contract in padlock. 2
In my article last week, I talked about whether there was an intrinsic cost to education. Long story short, I think there is. I mentioned briefly that I had a contract bond to work for the Government similar to many other scholars. If I’m being honest, I have encountered many […]

Breaking Contract Bond: Is it Worth it?

education image of books strapped together held next to a person
When people talk about the cost or price of getting an education we always think in dollar terms of how much studying costs. School fees and tuition fees are what we think of. Many parents spare no expense with hopes and dreams for their kids to have a good education. […]

What’s the True Cost of Education?

stock market image of a girl and trendlines
Playing the Stock Market If you invested in the stock market in the past 10 years, your capital would have appreciated by over 200% if you bought Nestle shares. Comparing this with Forex, taking EURUSD as an example, if you were able to short it for the past 10 years, […]

Can You Make Money from The Stock Market?

money during celebrations image of fireworks in kuwait 2
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our Muslim readers! It is indeed a time for celebration for many who have once again gone through the fasting month of Ramadhan. Now it’s time to kick back and enjoy the festivities and be thankful that there is a 3-day public holiday since […]

7 Ways to Burn Your Money during Celebrations

Stocks in Brunei image of a trading screen with charts and prices
Recent news reported that our local bank Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) is planning an Initial Public Offering. Along with the fact that they gave high dividends last year, I think it’s a good time to talk about stocks. One of the ways we can generate wealth is through buying […]

Stocks in Brunei – What are they and How to ...

financing a car image of a blue ferrari on a race track
I have mentioned before that one of the reasons Bruneians go into debt is because of financing a car. Living in Brunei, a car is probably an absolute necessity due to overpriced taxis and unreliable public transportation. But while a car is necessary, it also serves another purpose for many; […]

Financing a Car You Deserve in Brunei

financial scams image of a mouse and keyboard with a "get me out of here" key
In recent years many of us in Brunei may have heard of or even been targets of financial scams. These scams commonly referred to as “Skim Cepat Kaya” or Get-Rich-Quick schemes are becoming more prevalent. But not all scams promise you great riches; they could simply trick you! It could […]

3 Types of Financial Scams You Should Know

haggling image of a bazaar with many lanterns hanging
In my previous post about saving money while traveling, readers wanted to know more about haggling. Not only is it a good way to get a bargain, it’s quite fun and pretty simple to do. There’s no science involved; only people skills and common sense! Haggling is a chance for us as buyers […]

5 Elements of the Art of Haggling

insurance image of a split lying matryoshka doll beside two standing ones
When someone mentions “insurance”, an image that comes to mind is this well dressed fellow who is annoyingly persistent and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. It is not a fun subject to talk about and might not be an enviable job especially when compared to a cushy, super-secure job in the Bruneian […]

Insurance – How Much Does Your Life Cost?

save money when traveling image of a plane taking off at night with skyscraper background
Ah travel. The sweet feeling of freedom, taste of airplane food and exploring unknown (or known) places. Bruneians love to travel (and as much as possible, save money when traveling). We love it more so than many of our neighbouring counterparts because of a few key factors: 1. Most have […]

5 Ways to Save Money When Traveling

misconceptions image of coffee spilt over documents 2
Back when I just started University, I had never thought much about money other than it was a way to get different items. To me, it was a replacement of the barter trade system where we trade goods for goods; nothing more. Frankly, my money sense and financial IQ was […]

7 Misconceptions about Money I Had in My 20’s

debt image of a wallet clamped in a vice 2
Debt in our society seems to translate to trouble. Off the top of my head, it comes to me as being tied down to pay off what you borrowed. In recent years, even countries like the US and Greece came into the limelight regarding their debts. With all the negative notions […]

4 Reasons Bruneians are in Debt

tap and scp image of a jar with money inside
  In my post last week about investing, I covered briefly about two programs in Brunei called TAP and SCP. TAP and SCP came into being as an alternative to state-funded pension schemes for public servants. They have since developed into a plan for all citizens and permanent residents. Currently, only uniformed […]

TAP, SCP and Me – Things you may not know ...

picture for investing of sprout growing on coins
Many of us dream of not needing to work and still be able to get money to spend some how. Whilst this may seem immature and wishful at best, the good news is: It’s actually possible. The bad news is you won’t get it right now or even in the […]

Investing 101 – Growing Your Wealth