reading for financial education
Howdy readers! I’d like to say thanks for your support to my returning readers! It really does give me more motivation and determination to write for you guys and gals. I haven’t always been good with money as I recounted during the last post about how I came into budgeting. I (somewhat […]

5 Books to Kick Off Your Financial Education

learn to build a budget 4
So I skimmed through my old post about budgeting. And while I’m a little bit intrigued by how my writing hasn’t really changed after over a year, there are some things I like to talk about and add on. Particularly, what it takes to build a budget! I’m always looking […]

How to Build a Budget

counting money to give to your parents
So you landed your first “real” job. And I do use the term “real” very loosely here. You get the feeling the world is yours to shape and mould to your liking! At least, your world. Suddenly that $12 pasta for a dinner out with friends is not an impossibility! […]

How Much Should You Give to Your Parents?

AMBD position on cryptocurrencies 2
A while ago I wrote a short piece on AMBD’s position on cryptocurrencies and how it wasn’t legal tender. A few weeks ago our monetary regulators issued an addition to their previous statement. This was to remind the public on their stance and provide additional information with regards to things […]

AMBD Reiterates their Position on Cryptocurrencies

phishing scam artist
Financial scams are a dime in a dozen. Meaning there’s tonnes of them out there waiting to land on some unsuspecting victim. These could be love scams, Nigerian prince scams and credit card skimming; and that’s just naming a few! As we take our lives online through social media and […]

Phishing Scam – How to Spot and Avoid Them

cost of running a blog
Do you have a burning desire to tell the world how you feel about a certain topic? Or maybe you simply want to diary memoirs of your travels. Regardless of your intentions, blogs have become a dime in a dozen covering a vast number of interests; heck, you’re reading one […]

What’s the Cost of Running a Blog?

over budget for the month
At the end of last month, I was keying in the last bit of expenses into my spending tracker app. In a slow motion sort of feeling I saw my balance show a big red negative number. “-$150,” it says. I was partly surprised and partly puzzled. How the hell […]

I Went Over Budget Last Month!? And Why It’s OK

cost of raising a child - mother and child sunset photo 2
So you got the candlelit dinner and music planned out for the missus. Everything goes well and one thing leads to another. The next morning you wake up, go about your morning, give her a peck on the cheek and head to work. All the while, your little troops have […]

What’s the Cost of Raising a Child in Brunei?

emergency fund under umbrella from meteor 2
Whenever we talk about finances, usually people will talk about savings, investments, spendings and debt. Rarely will you hear anyone mention building up an emergency fund – with good reason. Emergency fund is not as “sexy” as something like 40% gains on Bitcoin (followed by a 70% drop har har har). […]

Emergency Fund – What Happens When Calamity Hits?