Is The Savey Fox Dead? 6

Hey everyone!

So you might be checking back here frequently and wondering where the heck I’ve been. Well, long story short, lots of life events happened from personal to career.

I’ve been thinking of reviving the blog but haven’t gotten much done so far. You know what they say, “all thoughts, no action.”

But enough of that!

I’m gonna put thoughts to action because that’s what I wanted for this blog, you know? To be sort of personal finance reference rather than another project to collect dust.

So what’s the future of Savey Fox?

I’ll be bringing back written articles on financial tit bits so that’s not going anywhere.

But what I’m actually contemplating is overhauling the site so that we can have more usability like calculators and on-demand videos. Of course (and I emphasise) this is a one-man operation, thus the 2 year hibernation so these will come slowly but surely.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for still supporting the Savey Fox. You might have noticed the Ads have disappeared and I’m not sure if I want to bring them back lol. So for now, enjoy the content!


TL;DR – No, I’m not dead.


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Founder of The Savey Fox. I am interested in how money works and makes the world go round. Borne from picking up a personal finance book when I was unemployed after University, I strive to continually learn and share about finance. Other than the big $ signs, I am an avid gamer, coffee lover and seasonal gym rat.

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