Savey Fox FAQGreetings and welcome my Readers and those of you who stumbled upon my little blog! This Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page will be updated with information I think would be useful for everyone to know about The Savey Fox site. It might not be too fancy, but I do hope you find the posts here useful!

Just a simple FAQ of The Savey Fox

I don’t want to make it too complicated so bear with me as I populate this FAQ with questions and answers that should be straight to the point.

1. It says “Access Denied” when I comment or try to subscribe!

Our security feature is set to quite strict due to spam accounts trying to login and comment. Don’t worry though! Just send me an Allow Request from the deny page and I will pass you through ASAP.

Comments made are also captured so you don’t have to worry about losing the things you typed out!

2. Why is it so hard to Subscribe!?

In addition to the security, you will find that subscribing needs you to do 2 things:

  1. You need to fill in the subscription form, AND
  2. You will need to confirm through the email sent to you.

Why this is done is to prevent other people from spamming you. I personally hate spam so this is my way to make sure, you’re only subscribed because you want to be!

3. I have a question/feedback for you, how should I ask/send it?

You can simply comment on a post but the best way to reach me is through our Contact Us form. Another way is to send me a message through Facebook or Instagram. However, the Contact Us page is still the best way!

4. How do I sponsor a post?

If you’d like a dedicated post for your business or product, drop me a line through our Partner form and we’ll have a discussion!

The Savey Fox is targeted towards financials and money talk so that’s the theme I’d like to keep to. Or if you have a special promotion or deal that lets people save money, I’d love to hear about it!

5. Who are you really?

I’m a Bruneian guy who developed a love for personal finance. You can find out more on my About me page!

6. Are you paid to write The Savey Fox?

I wish. I really do (lol). But The Savey Fox is a passion project that was born from a personal aspiration to write for everyone to enjoy and use and as a way to educate people on financial literacy. So no, I’m not paid.

7. What are these “Ads by Google” I keep seeing?

This site shows Google Ads as a potential revenue stream to at least sustain the site. So, if you have Ad-blockers, I’d really appreciate it if you would Whitelist this site. It would really help out!

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