how bad credit score affects you
Having bad credit score can impact your purchases in all walks of life. In many instances, a bad credit score will make you ineligible for certain deals. But fear not if you’re looking for car finance — poor credit doesn’t have to rule you out of getting behind the wheel of […]

Bad Credit Score in the UK – What it Means ...

cheap dating ideas in the clouds
With Valentine’s day a week from now, many couples are looking for activities to do together in Brunei. While not widely celebrated in Brunei, I believe people are generally looking for cheap dating ideas. Personally, my wife and I do not celebrate the 14th of February simply because we see […]

Cheap Dating Ideas for Couples in Brunei

cheap wedding at the beach
Weddings are never known for being small events; nor are they cheap. Whenever there’s a wedding worth talking about that’s not celebrity calibre, it’s usually about how expensive it was, how grand it was and how good the food was. Actually it’s more memorable if the food was bad, so […]

Cheap Wedding Ideas: How Frugal Will You Go?