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Here are other topics that may not be directly related to personal finance but I felt are important enough to write about in the context of overall education; financial or not.

little guys mining bitcoin 2
A while after I posted about Bitcoins in Brunei, I’ve received some questions about mining bitcoin. I’ve personally been interested in mining bitcoin before that but never actually started. One of the reasons for this is the actual startup capital needed to do it is no small value; hardware costs are […]

Mining Bitcoin in Brunei – Is it Profitable?

trip to kota kinabalu sunglasses on the beach 2
Greetings, Savey Readers! I’m very sorry for the lack of writing over the past few weeks. I’ve been swamped both professionally and personally; but now I’ve cleared up time to get back on track to churn out more articles. This particular post will be more laid-back, not too much facts; […]

Long Awaited Travel – Trip to Kota Kinabalu!

buying a house with lush green carpet grass
So you’ve done your homework and research and decided that buying a house is for you? Congratulations! Now you get to enjoy the ride starting with looking for a place up to furnishing it and moving in. This article will talk about buying a house to occupy as your residence […]

Buying a House in Brunei: Pleasures and Pains

Fake news headline with FAKE stamp on top.
Some of you might have seen a “CNN” article circulating on social media claiming that His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei is investing a significant amount in a “tech startup” called “The Bitcoin Code”. You might be wondering if the this was real or fake news. Extracted from the article […]

Fake News Alert: Sultan Investing in Bitcoin Code

education image of books strapped together held next to a person
When people talk about the cost or price of getting an education we always think in dollar terms of how much studying costs. School fees and tuition fees are what we think of. Many parents spare no expense with hopes and dreams for their kids to have a good education. […]

What’s the True Cost of Education?

save money when traveling image of a plane taking off at night with skyscraper background
Ah travel. The sweet feeling of freedom, taste of airplane food and exploring unknown (or known) places. Bruneians love to travel (and as much as possible, save money when traveling). We love it more so than many of our neighbouring counterparts because of a few key factors: 1. Most have […]

5 Ways to Save Money When Traveling