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3 Types of Financial Scams You Should Know

In recent years many of us in Brunei may have heard of or even been targets of financial scams. These scams commonly referred to as “Skim Cepat Kaya” or Get-Rich-Quick schemes are becoming more prevalent. But not all scams promise you great riches; they could simply trick you! It could be spam in our email…

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5 Elements of the Art of Haggling

In my previous post about saving money while traveling, readers wanted to know more about haggling. Not only is it a good way to get a bargain, it’s quite fun and pretty simple to do. There’s no science involved; only people skills and common sense! Haggling is a chance for us as buyers to try and get a…

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4 Reasons Bruneians are in Debt

Debt in our society seems to translate to trouble. Off the top of my head, it comes to me as being tied down to pay off what you borrowed. In recent years, even countries like the US and Greece came into the limelight regarding their debts. With all the negative notions surrounding debt, why do people…

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