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trip to kota kinabalu sunglasses on the beach

Long Awaited Travel – Trip to Kota Kinabalu!

Greetings, Savey Readers! I’m very sorry for the lack of writing over the past few weeks. I’ve been swamped both professionally and personally; but now I’ve cleared up time to get back on track to churn out more articles. This particular post will be more laid-back, not too much facts; just me recounting what I…

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cheap wedding at the beach

Cheap Wedding Ideas: How Frugal Will You Go?

Weddings are never known for being small events; nor are they cheap. Whenever there’s a wedding worth talking about that’s not celebrity calibre, it’s usually about how expensive it was, how grand it was and how good the food was. Actually it’s more memorable if the food was bad, so pick your food carefully! However,…

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wedding budget picture of rings on a love sign

Wedding Budget Tips: Planning For What You Need

OMG! He (or she) just popped the magic question and you said yes! You’re feeling butterflies in the stomach and looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Soon, the excitement of looking at dresses, suits, ballrooms and whatnot fall back to one thing: money. And how much you have! Now there’s 2 ways you can…

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