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cheap dating ideas in the clouds

Cheap Dating Ideas for Couples in Brunei

With Valentine’s day a week from now, many couples are looking for activities to do together in Brunei. While not widely celebrated in Brunei, I believe people are generally looking for cheap dating ideas. Personally, my wife and I do not celebrate the 14th of February simply because we see it as a commercialised event.…

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little guys mining bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin in Brunei – Is it Profitable?

A while after I posted about Bitcoins in Brunei, I’ve received some questions about mining bitcoin. I’ve personally been interested in mining bitcoin before that but never actually started. One of the reasons for this is the actual startup capital needed to do it is no small value; hardware costs are in the thousands. Secondly, I…

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retirement on the beach

Retirement: Are you ready for it?

Lately I’ve been thinking about life. Particularly now; it’s all about going to work and becoming financially secure but is that all there is? Sure, I have my hobbies, this blog and social life. But how sustainable is this lifestyle? As you’ve guessed from the post title, I’m talking about retirement and what comes after…

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