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photo of sultan omar ali saifuddien mosque in brunei lit up in the late evening

Brunei’s Economy 2017 – Facts and Figures

      Here you will find both summarised and detailed information regarding Brunei’s economy in 2017 and its general state of being. I have also included the most recent inflation rates based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) data. For further research please check the sources at the bottom of the post. Brunei’s Economy 2017…

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happily working as a student

Working as a Student: Should You Really Do It?

Working as a student may look like a superhuman feat to some people. I know, because I was one of those thinking that. “How the heck do they even find the time?!” my young mind would wonder. But with age comes experience along with the back pains. And experience lets me advise many youngsters that…

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