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image of credit cards in the back pocket of denim jeans

Credit Cards – Tips for Effective Use

Ah, credit cards. The symbol of wealth in movies, freedom in shopping and bringer of unimaginable debt. Exaggerations aside, credit cards are excellent financial tools if used correctly. There are usually many nice benefits attached to them as banks want to attract customers to sign up. This includes being able to earn points to exchange…

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man chase the money on a wheel

Why You Should Chase the Money

When you read articles and tips from successful people, one of their advice is usually “Don’t chase the money. Follow your passion and the money will follow!” Many times I, as a normal person without a million dollar enterprise, will scoff at these comments. “Easy for you to say, you’ve already made the money!” I…

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contract bond image of a contract in padlock.

Breaking Contract Bond: Is it Worth it?

In my article last week, I talked about whether there was an intrinsic cost to education. Long story short, I think there is. I mentioned briefly that I had a contract bond to work for the Government similar to many other scholars. If I’m being honest, I have encountered many graduates who have contemplated breaking…

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