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5 Tips to Quit the Job You Hate

Want to quit your job? Those of you who have followed me know my backstory right? I quit my (admittedly) well-paying government gig that was one of the last careers in Brunei with a pension to jump into a financial advisory role. The decision was as sharp as a rubber band snap, realising the career…

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Everything You Need to Know About SPK

Hello Savey Fox readers! Let’s talk about something that touches every working individual in Brunei – the Skim Persaraan Kebangsaan or SPK. You might have heard about it in passing or seen it in official documents, but what exactly is SPK, and why is it important for your financial future? SPK isn’t just a government…

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Savey Fox is (really) not dead (I hope)

Happy new year 2024 readers! Ironic isn’t it. My last post was in Nov 2022 saying “Hey, here I am!” only for me to disappear into the nether for another year 😂 I found that quite hilarious (though with sad tears in my eyes) Well! 2024 will be different! (No, don’t look at me like…

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Is The Savey Fox Dead?

Hey everyone! So you might be checking back here frequently and wondering where the heck I’ve been. Well, long story short, lots of life events happened from personal to career. I’ve been thinking of reviving the blog but haven’t gotten much done so far. You know what they say, “all thoughts, no action.” But enough…

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How to Secure your Cryptocurrency Wallet in 2020

The biggest promise of the blockchain technology is security. Through its distributed ledger that makes the chain, the blockchain makes it impractical for a hacker to enter into your cryptocurrency wallet and steal your coins. While blockchain is the blueprint of internet security, the technology doesn’t offer a completely secure system for its users. Although…

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How COVID-19 affects us beyond health problems

I’m sure everyone’s well aware of the current global pandemic that’s forced  Italy to its knees and Brunei is trying very hard to contain. Yes, I’m talking about COVID-19 and I hope my dear readers here are part of the #janbabal movement. That’s because we all need to pull our socks up to fight this…

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