About Me

Hi there and Welcome to my humble website! Launched in March 2017, this blog aims to become a resource as well as a community for savvy investors, frugal savers and smart spenders alike.

Who am I?

First of all, let’s start with an introduction: I go by the name Fox, am male and in my 30’s. I’m born and bred in the little nation of Brunei Darussalam. I consider Kent in the UK as my second home, and Singapore as my third. This is resulting from my studies and work trainings. I worked a short stint in the financial sector before moving on to the public sector; not before acquiring an interest in all things Money!

What is The Savey Fox?

I started this blog as a pet project to share my experience and things I learned over the course of my career and life in the context of living and working in Brunei; I have seen many resources but they target particularly residents of the United States.

The Savey Fox is a window into my thought process and mindset. Simply put, this is a personal finance blog like my tagline says; but I hope that it will be more than that one day.

Who is this for?

Have you ever wondered how someone who earns less than you have more in the bank? Or what is this “Forex” thing that your colleague is yammering about in the office? Or simply, “How do I get rich?” The Savey Fox is for learners everywhere who wants to share and learn more about the Art and Science of money.

What can you expect?

The topics I plan to cover include:

  • Spending
  • Saving
  • Investments
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career
  • Personal Development

The idea is: Anything you can put a price-tag on, I want to talk about it!

What do you get out of this?

Hopefully, the things I hope to share will inspire you to start something or even help you overcome certain hurdles you have been trying to find a solution for. Now, I’m not saying you’ll become the next Warren Buffet by reading this blog, but I hope you can at least become more savvy!

What do I get out of this?

There are definitely savvier people out there and I want to learn from you too! The ultimate goal is so that I can grow together with everyone reading and raising our financial education level as a whole.

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