6 Budget-Friendly Office Decoration Ideas for Your Small Business

9th June 2018

Hmm, so you have become an entrepreneur with a pretty, little office that you want to renovate. Let me guess you only limitation, that’s right, it’s budget! Well, it is needless to mention that every emerging entrepreneur is going to go through a point where their budget just won’t allow them to make extravagant changes in their workplace. But sometimes, giving your office decoration a makeover is not about how much you splurge on it. Instead, it depends on wisely you choose to integrate fashion trends that are not heavy on your pocket and still make your office look a fun, trendy and chic place! So, are you ready to get some advice, let’s start!

1. Make Your Candy Dish!

Snacks need to look pretty, and you certainly won’t disagree with that, right? So why don’t we make our DIY Candy Dish! All you need is a terra cotta pot and some acrylic paints. (Okay, maybe a couple of tools as well!). Paint the pots with the cream paints and then top it off with a color of your choice. Add a painted wooden knob to the lid of the pot. Distress the painted pot with sandpaper to bring out the creamy color under the lid and then make some stems with copper wire for the lid. There, you have your pumpkin candy dish! It will cost you approximately $40. You can also buy the pot and paints from Amazon or ebay.

pumpkin dish DIY office decoration

Voila! Your pumpkin candy dish!

2. Writing Skull!

Do you often find yourself needing reminders? Buy a ceramic skull and cover it with chalkboard paint, let it dry and then simply write on it with chalk. The price of ceramic skull is $47.33. Having your reminder board was never this trendy, right?

3. Pretty Acorns

Why don’t you some of the pretty acorns to your office in a DIY style? I suggest that you get some acorns, paint them using simple acrylic colors and then let it dry. You can put them in a glass dish and place it on a side table; it will serve as a beautiful decoration piece.

acorn office decoration

Perfect for a squirrel’s office!

4. Throw Pillows

Apart from the DIY, you can consider adding some throw pillows to your office. They will help you feel cozy and homely when you’re staying in late to deal with the workload. There are fairly cheap options available in the market, and you can try them for minimum prices. The variety of cushions is wide, and you can choose anything from a cute pink floral cushion to a batman printed cushion case. It depends on your choice and preferences.

5. Add An Area Rug

This is a rather difficult thing to find in the market. Mostly, the rug market is very expensive, and it is hard to get your hands on a rug. That is why I suggest that you seek only an area rug and put it in the living room or rest area portion of your office. It will also help section the living area from the work area. If you cannot afford to buy a rug look for it in thrift stores, I’m sure you will find many options.

6. Go Techno

Nothing beats the power of technology, and I am sure you will agree to that. If you want to accessorise your workplace, you should think about adding LED lamps and fancy gadgets that are useful, and that can be put to use as well. I suggest that you buy an ergonomic monitor arm for your office as well. You can set up your LED with the help of it, and that will be helpful for you.

Final words on office decoration

Decorating your office on a budget is not too difficult. You have to keep your options open, and I also suggest that you compare prices in the market before buying, sometimes you can get an amazing deal in that way.

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