date nights on water

Date Nights Around the World

Date nights are important for a relationship. More than just hanging out, a date night has a sparkle of something special. It’s where you get a chance to really enjoy […]

Piggy can't save?

What to Do if You Can’t Save? 2

One day, I was browsing a forum about money habits and it found a lot of people saying “I can’t save!” I find it interesting that there really are 2 […]

cost of smoking in the uk

Cost of Smoking in the UK

This is a contributed post which gives an insight into the cost of smoking in the UK. Everybody has their own personal spendings and cigarettes always seem to add quite […]

BIBD aspirasi good or no?

BIBD Aspirasi – Is it Right for You?

I always like it when you guys interact with me whether through my contact form, social media or simply commenting. One particular Reader sent me a link to an article […]

investing in bonds

Investing in Bonds – What You Need to Know

All this while, I’ve been talking about equities and stocks as investments. It would be unfair to people who are more conservative towards risk to keep focusing on those vehicles […]