cost of running a blog
Do you have a burning desire to tell the world how you feel about a certain topic? Or maybe you simply want to diary memoirs of your travels. Regardless of your intentions, blogs have become a dime in a dozen covering a vast number of interests; heck, you’re reading one […]

What’s the Cost of Running a Blog?

over budget for the month
At the end of last month, I was keying in the last bit of expenses into my spending tracker app. In a slow motion sort of feeling I saw my balance show a big red negative number. “-$150,” it says. I was partly surprised and partly puzzled. How the hell […]

I Went Over Budget Last Month!? And Why It’s OK

cost of raising a child - mother and child sunset photo 2
So you got the candlelit dinner and music planned out for the missus. Everything goes well and one thing leads to another. The next morning you wake up, go about your morning, give her a peck on the cheek and head to work. All the while, your little troops have […]

What’s the Cost of Raising a Child in Brunei?

emergency fund under umbrella from meteor 2
Whenever we talk about finances, usually people will talk about savings, investments, spendings and debt. Rarely will you hear anyone mention building up an emergency fund – with good reason. Emergency fund is not as “sexy” as something like 40% gains on Bitcoin (followed by a 70% drop har har har). […]

Emergency Fund – What Happens When Calamity Hits?

divine blessings from the sky
Ah, “Divine Blessings”. The buzzword that’s been circulating around the internet the last week and developed into a local meme. Local gossips and public opinions aside, this mentality (used moderately, of course) can be good! Gratitude for what you have is one of the cornerstones for which you build on […]

Divine Blessings – How Do I Get Some of That?

is bitcoin legal in brunei
Over the time I’ve posted articles about Bitcoin, we’ve been on a rollercoaster ride in price action! Near the end of 2017 saw it reaching around USD20,000 only to plummet to around USD10,000 recently. For those of you not used to this ride, welcome to the Wild West Life of Cryptocurrency! […]

Is Bitcoin Legal in Brunei? – AMBD’s Response

fan of ang pao with $100 note
First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers who celebrate! 16th February 2018 brings forth the Year of the Dog; ushering qualities such as loyalty and intelligence. But let’s leave these talk about prosperity and love life with other zodiacs to Feng Shui masters. When I was […]

Ang Pao – Thoughts From Receiver to Becoming a Giver

cheap dating ideas in the clouds
With Valentine’s day a week from now, many couples are looking for activities to do together in Brunei. While not widely celebrated in Brunei, I believe people are generally looking for cheap dating ideas. Personally, my wife and I do not celebrate the 14th of February simply because we see […]

Cheap Dating Ideas for Couples in Brunei

little guys mining bitcoin 2
A while after I posted about Bitcoins in Brunei, I’ve received some questions about mining bitcoin. I’ve personally been interested in mining bitcoin before that but never actually started. One of the reasons for this is the actual startup capital needed to do it is no small value; hardware costs are […]

Mining Bitcoin in Brunei – Is it Profitable?