Old car vs new car

Old Car vs New Car – Which is Better?

A while ago (a long while as a matter of fact), I received an email from a reader who asked an interesting question. In Brunei, we know having a car […]

date nights on water

Date Nights Around the World

Date nights are important for a relationship. More than just hanging out, a date night has a sparkle of something special. It’s where you get a chance to really enjoy […]

Piggy can't save?

What to Do if You Can’t Save? 2

One day, I was browsing a forum about money habits and it found a lot of people saying “I can’t save!” I find it interesting that there really are 2 […]

cost of smoking in the uk

Cost of Smoking in the UK

This is a contributed post which gives an insight into the cost of smoking in the UK. Everybody has their own personal spendings and cigarettes always seem to add quite […]